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They say most people look 11 times before they commit to therapy....

Don't waste those 10 opportunities.

Committing quicker gets the benefits quicker. 

(Please) act now.

What if fast effective therapy was easily available?

It is!

Feeling ready for therapy and choosing which one, and who to deliver it are the biggest hurdles

Look no further!

You've got this

Most of us just battle on, head down, having the energy sucked out of us 

Whether we put up with our inner Imposter, live with trauma triggers from years ago, or watch our children suffer medical symptoms driven or maintained by psychological symptoms

2 therapies -
Near opposites in how they work
In combination, they are dynamite

Solution Focused Therapy &
BLAST Technique®

Stop battling, choose freedom & transformation

Life really can be better!


Untitled - 30 December 2021 17.35_edited.jpg


What do other patients really think?
Testimonials & Opinions
It really matters whether others have found this useful. Social proof drives the Oomph!

Find & Live Your Best Life

Restore family Harmony

Include Lifestyle Medicine tips

Coach For Specific Challenges

Support Social Interactions

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