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Teens.Teenies & Their Tormented Families

Meet Dr Sharryn

Unique opportunity for talking therapy with Paediatric expertise

I love working in the NHS as a busy Children's A&E Consultant where I knew we needed to provide psychological as well as medical therapy. 

Sometimes much more psychological than medical therapy!

Psychological factors can drive medical issues or prolong or excacerbate them. (If you have unpredictable migraines for example, you're likely to be anxious).

Solution-focused therapy was ideal - non-psychologists can master it quickly, it needs few appointments & can be a rapid short intervention.

More than anything though - IT JUST WORKS.

Many patients & families are in a rut - they've tried all the things they can think of with no change. The solutions often are in looking to where we want to be rather than we are or where we've been.

This therapy is a conversation asking questions led by the your answers to find where you want to be, what that looks like & how close to it you already are.

You have all the solutions, my job is to help you find them.


How I'll Help You

Find & Live Your Best Life

Family Home Harmony

Restore family Harmony

Include Lifestyle Medicine Tips

Coach For Specific Challenges

Support Social Interactions

Think how good things could be

Let's start that journey today

“I don't understand how it worked, but it was like you'd sprinkled fairy dust! Thankyou so much.”

- Mum of Grace age 8

“I knew he was good lad & tried to support him with this anger. This really helped us & things are so much better”

- Mum of Andy age 15

“I couldn't cope when he cried all the time & nobody really understood or helped. I got to meet my (real) happy baby & now everything is better.”

- Mum of Olivia age 8 weeks

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