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It's great to (virtually) meet you!


Paediatric A&E is quite simply the best specialty in the world!

And I found it purely by accident. Life just works out that way sometimes.

You get to make most children better (and quickly) and work in the best team, and when the big stuff is happening I'm right in the middle leading it. I love it.

I also get to see where people need more than the NHS can deliver right now.

If you read this thinking you're one of those who needs more than the NHS don't feel guilty - it's huge demand that's slowing the NHS down not it's fantastic staff. Anyone who gets care outside the NHS helps free up flow for the rest.

It's a win-win!

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Dr Sharryn's Story

I hadn't always wanted to be a doctor and never found my 'calling' at medical school. 

My first post was Paediatric Surgery at Yorkhill in Glasgow and I was hooked! 

After a short period doing adults (you had to) I was straight back into Paediatrics. One bit I found I wasn't so keen on was neonates (premature very sick tiny babies) so I tried to swerve doing that.

After 18 months I left for Australia (in the days just before everyone was doing it! Working at the New Children's Hospital I got to do the helicopter and plane retrieval job into the outback as well as a whole year of Children's A&E.

I was hooked in line and sinker!

You couldn't do official Paediatric A&E training then and I convinced Aberdeen to set me up a bespoke programme after a fantastic year in Inverness travelling the Highlands and Islands for clinics.

Reaching Consultant the one job in the country which had A&E and ward work together then was right where I grew up! We have the best team in the world.

I'm a Glaswegian who grew up in Southport (and fiercely support Scotland @ sports - sometimes they win!)

Over time I saw the places where something else could really make a difference.

Honestly, there's actually quite a few!

All of the NHS is under severe pressure and that leads to delays and redirections and staff are under real sustained pressure.

After working with n amazing CAMHS nurse in A&E, I had to train to take on some of that work when she left. Therapy for non-therapists was possible using Solution-Focused Therapy which was a game-changer.

I did the Foundation course in 2010 and it changed my life! I've spent the last 12 years honing those skills and more recently (I fractured my arm and was off work) doing a Hypnotherapy Course and learning the Blast Technique.

It must look like an odd combination until you see how made in heaven A&E / Paediatrics and Talking Therapy / The Blast Technique are.

When you meet me you'll see just how much I enjoy this work and helping you. I love the moment when children suddenly 'get' that things can be better. A light comes on, and they sit up. I'll never tire of seeing that!

Dr Sharryn Private Paediatrician with Sandyclaws at Disneyland Paris

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Compassion In Action

An award from my own hospital recognising that I go the extra mile, introducing talking therapy, and run an annual clinic for Children from Chernobyl

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Shortlisted for Clinical Leadership Category

Shortlisted for starting a programme for all staff called Compassionate Conversations based on Schwartz Rounds using Solution-Focused Approaches

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