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School Counsellors & Nurses

I know just how under pressure Mental Health Services are

You are supporting those struggling the most - desperately trying to keep them in school

You deal with the sickest, the most vulnerable & hardest hit families

This must be mentally exhausting in itself let alone the anguish of knowing that however much they struggle right now it may not be enough to access CAMHS care

There isn't really much else out there except charities & parenting classes

What if a proportion of those currently rejected could access help elsewhere?

Solution Focused Therapy is well-established & Southport is it's near epicentre

(I have supervision from Dr Dominic Bray)

I have also done the Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Course & The Blast Technique Course were managed elsewhere?

Think how much better you'd feel if there really was someone else who could help

We could keep these young people in school, help them thrive & realise their dreams

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Please reach out if you think this could be something useful or pass on my details to families directly

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