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Young Person Who May Be Vulnerable

You might not always feel seen or heard.
You're not interested in assessments & pathways
You just want change to be the best version of you.

You can be or feel vulnerable for a whole host of reasons and you might feel that way at some points in your life while you feel much more strong and confident in others.

That's completely normal!

It doesn't matter (so much) what others see from the outside and man can be people be judgemental - especially teens.

It matters how you feel. Often many of your most confident peers will have underlying vulnerabilities and insecurities - their show of confidence is often a way to mask them.

So whether you have (or believe you have and are grinding through diagnostic processes) autism, ADHD or some learning challenges you have found your tribe. 

Equally if you are part of our LGBTQ+ community or 'look' different (or feel that you do) or 'feel' different again - this is your tribe.

You can feel safe and welcome here. You will be heard. You can say anything you like.

You might be having medical symptoms which can be crippling. Remember you can only understand anxiety attacks when you've had one.

You might be feeling very low, very angry or thinking about hurting yourself. You might be struggling with finding your real identity.

If you feel like any of these are an immediate risk please go & get help right away (via your doctor, your local A&E or 999).

Sometimes a medical appointment is the answer and sometimes therapy is. I offer both through CaramoCare. 

It does however come with fees so won't be accessible to all.

I will be setting up some funded appointments as I already offer pro bono appointments to some selected groups.

If you can access this service that's great.

If not please reach out to your local services - while it's not easy getting treatment, it is possible.

Many charities offer support locally & in fact CAMHS use these to refer to.

Here are some links to them: (I wish you the very best & will soon launch some therapy questions to try & help you & I'll link those here too)

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