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General Practitioners

My work with families is likely to include some of the work you would normally do as well as some that a specialist would normally do

Importantly, it'll be work you'll no longer need to do!

I plan to use EMIS to share records immediately with you so that you can easily record the activity and not need to duplicate it

Please help me understand how that might best work

Socializing Online

Ok where might I be able to help?

1) General Paediatric patients waiting for appointments or preferring Private

2) Patients waiting for super-specialist or who fall between 1y/2y or 2y/3y care for day-2-day care

2) Patients referred for bloods and long wait

3) Patients who need Mental Health Support

4) Patients who would like all-encompassing care & direct line to Paediatrician

5) Patients where it has become more difficult or things feel stuck

6) Frequent attenders where medical treatment alone isn't quite enough

I'm sure there will be many more!

I also see adults and one area of specialism is patients who feel the Health System has treated them unfairly to help them live life as fully as they can.

Please reach out using any of the methods below

I want to establish relationships with as many of you as possible

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