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BowelBabe Tribute & Appreciation

It's devastating news that BowelBabe is now in the final stage of her cancer journey after so much cut-through and frankly so much fun.

This was a wonderful picture and here is the ink to buy the T-shirts (while I'm sure I don't need to say it, there is no affiliate link) and I have ordered myself.

One of her enduring successes has been that cut-through of enabling (even forcing) us to talk about the previously taboo subjects.

So while much of my website is about my niche in Psychology & Talking Therapy, my core training is in General Paediatrics - the 'bread & butter' stuff. Most Paediatricians will talk a lot about wee and poo and vulvovaginal inflammation and foreskin problems.

So in tribute to Deborah the simply incredible BowelBabe I will post on each of these.

In the meantime let's marvel at the money raised - £6 M + and the achievements.

Oh and if you can't wait checkout my ebook on Amazon - Constipation - Crack it!

Just seen the last review and I'll look into the fibre table.

Illustrations were not my forte so if it is yours please (please) reach out

Hopefully it is still on special offer!

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