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Building a medical transformation - help me help others

Austin Kleon is right, people want to see the foundations and building process sharryn gardner August 14, 2022

Treatment Agreements - Not Consent Forms

My most important job today was to create forms to allow us to start therapy. These are often Consent Forms which are for legal reasons. They are a sort-of faux protective shield for the therapist. Surely it could be done differently? Granted having a Medical Licence to Practice allows a greater degree of freedom. What is their actual purpose? They are Agreements (a form of contract). They aren't a pass to allow me to treat you. We are in this together. I will temporarily join your team! What are we each agreeing to? A patient (adult or child) agrees that the description of therapy and the promises of confidentiality mean they feel able to start the treatment. I agree to do my best work to help support them and keep to confidentiality promises. For children, I am happy for any child to sign (whatever their age). Even if they aren't assessed as fully competent, this allows them to feel empowered (and a parent or guardian will also sign an agreement). That contract is between them and me. No-one else is invited to sign the form to highlight that. It is our agreement. Whatever their age, they don't have to sign the form to start therapy. That choice is up to them. I have different forms for young and adult patients, though both should read easily. There is a Parental Agreement Form which focuses on the therapies, my promise of privacy and keeping their child safe. Again the contract is between either Parent and me. Only we will sign it. Both parents are welcome to sign. These Agreements are the foundation of all of us being engaged and empowered in the process. If there are any questions these should be asked and where relevant answers added to the form. Here are the first drafts of the forms - let me know what you think. They need to work for you

Link to forms here.