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Cronuts or Crodoughs? A bakery with history

These Crodoughs which many of us would call Cronuts were just as good as they looked!

So good, and so gooey that each of us could only try little slivers. The fruit and the pistachio ones were particularly epic.

They were supplied suggested by a local at a work away day for Pando Access last week.

(Pando Access is one-click Specialist Family Healthcare - check them out here).

This was no ordinary bakery though - this was Rinkoff's bakery!

Even more special right now is that the original baker started in 1911 after moving from Kev (Kyiv) to London. We had the Crodoughs before the invasion was underway.

I loved that you can find out the whole family story & that this is the last of the great Jewish bakeries left in Whitechapel - tucked away so that only the diehards know about it.

The newest owners certainly know how to make the most of their history. The packaging & the hints of a story made me want to read more.

The messages of this post?

History is important and changes are constant (new bakers & new products). Embrace the changes! Something quite amazing can result.

Sharing special eating experiences is special in itself - I can see why Antoni in Queer `Eye focuses so much on a special & meaningful group eating experience.

If you take nothing else away from this post, they do do delivery!

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