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Pizza Pilgrims - a whole new way of pizza @ home

Another foodie post!

After the Crodoughs what could beat that?

Perhaps not beat......& if you can't beat 'em join 'em!

I bought these pizzas in a shop which sells quirky food at reduced prices & there is always something new. Not always something quite as cool as this!

I'm not a massive pizza lover - or at least I wasn't until I tried real Chicago Pizza Pie @ Giordano's in Chicago. 40 minutes they said. It was absolutely amazing! Buttery deep crust - not quite the Chicago Pizzas we get here.

So what about the Pizza Pilgrim pizzas? Cool name.

This is what you get - I expected a pizza ready to pop in the oven. No - you get 2 dough balls each for 1 pizza. You follow the instructions to stretch out the dough which rolled pleasingly out of the pot. There is special flour to roll it in (don't knead it!). There is then a specific order to the toppings & it is cooked by heating in the frying pan to brown the bottom & then grilled.

It couldn't have been more unconventional - & yet it was Bellisimo!

It's Ok to be presented with something which is not quite what we expect. It might be different - it might even be the best experience ever!

Pizza by post from Pizza Pilgrims - beats a Domino's every day of the week.

Wee joke to slip in here - asked a potential allergy patient what type of pizza she'd had (to help identify any potential allergen - Dominos was the answer!).

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