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Weekend Office Working

So I bought a fancy microphone and set-up and was all set to film my fancy office today.

I've recently had my degree certificates framed - the fact that many had been in a cardboard tube for 30 years + says something about my previous Imposter Syndrome. I thought that they had some academic credibility as I progress doing Private Practice so I finally got some framed.

So this is my real office with my 2 favourite puppers lounging beside me. The fancy office does a great job as the toilet corridor!

Very interestingly I had a therapy called the Blast Technique (thanks to Nick Davies) during a course to learn this. It was phenomenal. I thought that my imposter syndrome stemmed from one thing and in fact it was from a different period rather than the event I remembered. It has gone. Actually gone and now I use the Blast Technique (a quicker more effective alternative to EMDR - eye movement therapy). Although developed for those with PTSD I use for folk who've been through 'stuff' or are now experiencing 'stuff' and the results well surpass anything I would have imagined.

I'll do the fancy office video very soon - promise!

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