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What if a doctor could literally sprinkle some fairy dust and make life better?

That’s what CaramoCare is about!

This photo is from a trip I made to the US last year - it’s in Nashville in a part called the Gulch. Sounds a bit grim and was one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. A hipster I am not!

You’ll have seen these angel wings or some variation on the theme in many different places - they are Instagram magnets. (Nashville had loads of other cool murals and I’m developing a love of doing these mural trails everywhere I go now. Sadly Glasgow’s weather was far too grim the other week. Another time!

Nurses used to be referred to as angels (most of them still are angels). There was even a TV series called Angels. Doctors have never been seen as quite as caring - Paediatricians maybe as the sandal-wearing lovely caring types - not angels.

So I want to change that perception - not that we (or I) am an angel though I want families to believe that we (and I) can be.

The sprinkling fairy dust was an actual quote from a mum of a child with multiple problems.

Keep your thankyou cards and Cadburys Roses (other confectionery is available).

This made my year!

There are many other comments like this and I’ll share some of them as we go along. Not bad for a conversation is it?

I’ve no fear of prescribing medicines and do so frequently.

What if there really is no pill for every ill though? Spoiler alert: there most certainly is not. What else is there?

Society has moved on and medicine iOS lagging bit behind.

We have medics on one side of the spectrum and psychologists on the other and it’s almost never the twain will meet. In most cases we don’t even understand each other’s work.

The devastating part is that very few patients or families fall to either side of the spectrum - the overwhelming majority sit somewhere in between.

Right now it’s hard to access the medical bit and nigh on impossible to access the psychological bit (unless your life is right here right now at imminent risk). This is no criticism of those in these services - waits have gone up sure, we don’t see the staff that left and weren’t replaced, the services in the community that stopped some of the demand and the huge numbers that are being seen.

While you might have a wait for your doctor or CAMHS they are seeing more patients than ever with less and resources.

And again (I’m not ashamed to keep to keep labouring this point) it was working alongside the Fab-u-lous CAMHS Claire who is an actual bona fide angel that I can do this now.

CaramoCare allows you direct access to a Paediatrician that can provide either end of that spectrum as well as catering to most of you who will actually fall somewhere in between.

Families often need the therapy as much as the children do.

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