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Why CaramoCare?

Firstly it’s a special service - something really unique which serves a whole lot of families’ needs. It needed a name to reflect that.

Years ago I caught an episode of Queer Eye - I didn’t think it would be my sort of thing. Most people would instantly assume that was because it featured 5 proudly gay men changing people’s lives. Not at all! Not remotely at all! I’ve never taken to these ‘personal makeover’ shows which always seemed a little fake and contrived. The hosts seemed to fly in and impose a look on the person they wanted to help and then flew away just as fast.

This might have had lasting results though in most cases it was really quite superficial. I can’t imagine many kept that initial excitement going.

Queer Eye is very different. The essence is that each of the Fab Five (and they are absolutely Fab!) has an area that they focus on such as dressing (Tan), hair & make-up (JVN), living or working areas (Bobby). The two more unexpected ones are Antoni who helps prepare food which is deeply meaningful to the person and their life with the people important to them, and K