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Dr Sharryn Gardner

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What is available?

Really Providing Everything You Need

I offer something (really) different

I also offer it to many of those who can struggle to access care

You can dip in and out with one off or courses of appointments 

There are a limited number of places for all-encompassing care with my personal number

Concierge Care

We see in the movies Americans calling their Paediatrician.

This is what this is.

You'll have my personal number to call anytime.

If you need advice, an examination, a prescription or just some reassurance I'll be there.

The annual retention fee will include some of these calls and prescriptions.

No more juggling a phone in a huge queue for a GP appointment at 8:30 or trudging to wait in A&E for a simple thing. 

There'll possibly still be times when you still need A&E and maybe your GP


What are you waiting for?

Once you've tried this approach, it's a bit like flying First Class - you can't unsee it and your healthcare experiences in future wouldn't ever quite be the same.

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