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School Staff or ChildCare

A child you teach or look after about is struggling
Either with medical or psychological symptoms
You want to support parents & carers and right now you probably feel a bit helpless in not knowing where to turn

Knowing what care will help can be hard
Accessing it often even harder
And it's even harder when you're not the parent
CaramoCare almost always can help

It can be so hard watching from the relative sidelines.

Often you feel scared to offer suggestions in case they are taken as criticism or cause upset.


Many children accessing care in all sorts of settings can have symptoms which don't resolve quickly by trying more and more medications.

Sometimes explanations & reassurance can really help.

Sometimes a different medical approach can help.

Often we fail to address the psychological factors so that the medications can't do it all on their own.

It may be that you already know that it's the psychological bits that are the greatest challenge. You might have struggle to raise that as a cause.

They may already have been seen and been advised to wait and see, or referred and either waiting for an assessment (or worse rejected from the service). 

Please don't blame CAMHS staff  - they are usually amazing folks who are swamped with demand and focusing on those with the greatest need.  On top of the soaring demand they have lost lots of resources and are frantically striving to even keep up. 

They might be having medical symptoms which can be crippling. Remember you can only understand anxiety attacks when you've had one.

They might be feeling very low, very angry or thinking about hurting themselves.

If you feel like any of these are an immediate risk for this child please encourage them to go & get help right away (via your doctor, your local A&E or 999).

Sometimes a medical appointment is the answer and sometimes therapy is. I offer both through CaramoCare. 

It does however come with fees so won't be accessible to all.

I will be setting up some funded appointments as I already offer pro bono appointments to some selected groups.

If they can access this service that's great.

If not please encourage them to reach out to your local services - while it's not easy getting treatment, it is possible. 

Medical referrals are usually much easier to access.

Many charities do offer support locally & in fact CAMHS use these to refer to.

Here are some links to them: (I wish you the very best & will soon launch some therapy questions to try & help you & I'll link those here too)

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