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CaramoCare tribute to the Fab 5 & Karamo Brown

Where did the name CaramoCare come from?

Queer eye wasn't a show I was instantly drawn to. Then one day I tried it - and binged it and binged it. The concept was so much more than a makeover - it was therapy, and appreciation. and affirmation. It was also love and community,.

The people were all of us, and our families. They were men and women and young people, with close family and without, some were LGBTQ+ (and some of these were the most profound) and some stories revolved around jobs or passions not just the superficial appearances. The show focused on what was important to people within their values - exactly what solution focus work is about.

Each of the team worked together on the whole bringing their own special gifts. I swish I could be a one-woman equivalent of the Fab 5 - I can take elements of each, and it is Karamo who I most emulate.

I do that same positive acceptance and future-focused therapy. Like Karamo I meet patients or clients where they are (metaphorically rather than physically though I can do physically too!). Together we sit together and look at to the future - not to make goals or a plan, more to imagine and flesh out the what and the why and make it not jut possible but almost inevitable.

We recognise that change is constant and so can be harnessed.

So coming to CaramoCare is for when you feel ready or those close to you talk you into it.

There's no cameras or catwalks - more down to earth working conversations. There might be tears, there will almost certainly be laughs and giggles. You should leave the session lighter and freer even if the work continues in the background afterwards, This is no superficial happy words - it's the gritty details of your life. I'm not here to give you answers - I'm there to go with you in a direction you choose.

What the Fab5 didn't have was the medical knowledge and expertise and power of lifestyle medicine to help. I bring in other therapies on top of my core Solution Focused Therapy like the amazing Blast Technique (using a light and side-to-side eye movements to leave past hurts behind). I also have general lifestyle advice to achieve change without pills where we can. Sometimes pills can get you there quicker and we can use that with medications like Omeprazole for stomach acid or Triptans for migraines to make progress.

So thankyou so much to the Fab5.

Please get in touch if you think I could help.

Please join me in my journey to bring this work to a wider public and develop a professional branded service on top of the actual work which is already honed and matured.

For example the graphic here was created in Canva - the logo design was from trialling logo creators online and seeing what resonated with me. This is my new email header - I guess it shows that I like a bit of colour! It also works in my new email signature - keep coming to here more of these gems!

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