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Lionesses Roared!

Lionesses Success

The Lionesses' victory last Sunday was fantastic. The whole country was in raptures & the goals? They were incredible! Toone made victory a possibility, and Kelly thumped it home. Even this Scot (living in England) was right behind them. The tournament had been joyous & we'd had none of the relentless oppressive pressure we get with the men's game every night on TV. It was open & positive & optimistic. That back-heel goal in the Semi-final against France for Russo was life-changing for her (even though we know now she does it ALL the time in practice!). It changed the country too. Anything was possible. Chloe Kelly scoring that final goal, was a star. They all were. That video of Chloe on stage at Trafalgar Square dancing out of pure happiness was beautiful. She had presence & charisma - & had the moves!

It was sort of inevitable that there would be sponsorships & photo shoots. They all deserved it all (in spades!). Some of it can feel a bit exploitative & the picture of Chloe on the front of the Daily Mail yesterday was beautiful and somehow disappointing. Daily Mail I can't wait to see what these young women do next. Go girls - you are Magnificent!

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